• "I started chiropractic care when I was a freshman in high school. I was an avid softball pitcher which caused some pretty intense pain. The care really helped! Over the past few years I had moved and taken time off from care, big mistake. I recently found Dr. Bob, who has done a wonderful job. Dr Bob really took the time to listen and do my first exam. He made me feel comfortable and confident due to his knowledge and ability to explain why I was having issues."
    Amy F.
  • "My wife helped me hobble into HealthQuest Chiropractic where I was immediately greeted with caring and concern. Under the professional care of Robert Kowalczuk, I am back to work and living pain-free. Thanks Doc!"
    Brandon L.
  • "I have known Dr. Kowalczuk for many years through friends and through his reputation. Several of my family members have been clients. I have now been a patient for several years and have had regular spinal adjustments to prevent any serious major problems that could occur and the results have been wonderful."
    Sam T.
  • "I had an automobile accident. I had head, neck, arm and shoulder injuries. Dr. Kowalczuk gave me therapy, light exercises, etc. and after many months, I recovered 100%. Thanks for all the advice and patience. I am healthy again. I would recommend Health Quest Chiropractic."
    Sam T.
  • "I suffered from chronic neck pain for 18 months before my doctor diagnosed my condition as TMJ and prescribed physical therapy and a mouth guard. My pain did not diminish and it took a toll on my mental and physical health. A trusted friend referred me to HealthQuest Chiropractic and Dr. Bob. My initial consultation included X-Rays and a thorough comprehensive examination."
    Michele K.
  • "Dr. Bob correctly diagnosed my condition as degenerative disk disease. On my second visit, Dr. Bob adjusted my neck and my pain was gone! We scheduled a series of visits and I’ve found my treatments to be a wonderful source of pain relief. Dr. Bob has always been professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to visit. I wouldn’t trust my neck to anyone else."
    Michele K.
  • "In April of 2002, I was a 66 year old retiree who really enjoyed golfing. As I played more often, I started noticing more aches and pains. My daughter, who was already a patient, suggested I go to HealthQuest Chiropractic for a checkup and possible treatment. I made an appointment to see Dr. Bob. The treatments I received back then relieved the pain in my back, shoulders and legs."
    Ed S.
  • "I now go to HealthQuest once a month for maintenance adjustments and treatment. I’m now 75 years old and still able to enjoy golfing (twice a week). Because of the regular checkups and maintenance, the only pain I endure in my golf game is my score. I recommend chiropractic services for anyone suffering aches and pains of an accident or aging and I believe HealthQuest Chiropractic is the ideal place to receive that service."
    Ed S.
  • "Decompression Treatment: Actually, this has made a new life for me. I can do things I couldn’t do before …. and probably some that I shouldn’t do. I have been pain free for quite some time now. As an avid gardener it allows me to engage in my passion, which I couldn’t do before."
    Ed P.
  • "Dr. Bob was recommended to me and now when i’m asked if i use or know a chiropractor, i proudly speak up and tell them yes. i tell them about all the great things that have come from using his services. i grew up having minor to major back pain from time to time which would fade away but was always in the back of my mind as to when it would come back. since seeing Dr. Bob, the thought of back pain is not a concern anymore."
    Chris D.

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